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Heritage & Pride

The Origin of
Natay Construction
with Eric Natay

Growing up, I saw how prejudice held people back. My Navajo mother faced discrimination as a teacher, and I encountered it in the construction industry. It fueled my determination to build a company based on respect, efficiency, and exceeding expectations. From my early days in construction, I noticed a problem: too often, projects felt disorganized. Instead of clear plans, there were delays and confusion. One job, we spent three days waiting for a plumber because no one had properly checked the schedule. This isn't how other industries run, and I knew construction deserved better. Fortunately, a client really drove this home for me. Frustrated, they said, "How does anyone in construction stay in business? This chaos would never fly elsewhere!" That was my spark. I created Natay Construction to bring professional planning and clear communication to every project. My vision is for Natay to become the construction standard and a company that everyone measures themselves against. We want to change the way people view contractors and make the industry respectable again.

True to our vision, Natay focuses on our clients. We don't just build, we listen. We understand their needs, their goals, and ensure the finished product is exactly what they dreamed of.

Early on, there were challenges with some teams that were hesitant to adopt new systems. But now we work together, planning ahead to keep projects flowing smoothly. We finish jobs faster, and the whole experience is less stressful for everyone involved.

Our greatest success is transforming how clients feel about construction. We've helped couples build their dream homes from the ground up, guiding them through the maze of permits and design choices. We've made homes accessible for elderly clients, allowing them to stay independent. We've created functional home offices that help families thrive. Each time, we replace uncertainty with clear plans and constant communication.


If you want a construction experience that's organized, respectful, and delivers exactly what you envisioned, contact Natay Construction today.

What Makes Natay Construction Different



Design Build Approach

With our design-build approach, we put your vision first. Detailed plans give every team member a roadmap from the start, ensuring accuracy and preventing confusion.


Smarter Estimating

We meet with every team to discuss plans and costs, minimizing guesswork and preventing surprise expenses.


Proactive Scheduling

Our schedules aren't just guesses - they're built on commitments from everyone involved. Detailed timelines let us pre-order materials and keep the build on track.

The Build


Dedicated Supervision

Personalized Supervision for Quality & Peace of Mind. Your dedicated superintendent oversees progress, solves unexpected issues, and keeps everything on schedule - all while keeping you in the loop.


Transparency & Organization

Know what's happening, every step of the way. Your project portal includes photos, a live calendar, and clear status updates. Plus, organized material deliveries mean a clean, clutter-free worksite.


Final Walk-Through

Ensuring Complete Satisfaction- You'll get a roll of blue tape, and we'll walk through every room to make sure everything is up to your quality standards.

Beyond the Build


Turnkey Move-In

We can handle all the details. We'll manage your home staging, and can even arrange furniture, and we always install appliances. You can arrive to a fully functional, beautiful space.


Essential Documentation

We gather all the manuals from all the building components, appliances, and construction documents and give them to you in a collapsible folder organizer. This way you have everything you need to live in your home or building in one place.


Your Peace of Mind

All of the products we use come with a manufacturer warranty that differs based on the product. We offer a 1-year workmanship warranty on all our work. We stand behind our work every day, not just for one year – and we're always happy to help with any future repairs or small jobs, ensuring your home stays perfect for years to come.

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